Do you donate beer for events or non-profits?

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We are proud of our extensive donation program which supports a range of like-minded organizations striving to make the world a more compassionate, equitable and diverse place.

Due to the significant commitments already in place, we are not currently accepting new donation requests.

What does mixed-culture fermentation mean?

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Our barrel-aged sours contain multiple strains of yeast and bacteria, a mixed-culture that creates a layered and nuanced flavor experience. Most commonly we use a blend of lactobacillus bacteria, and several yeast strains, including brettanomyces (wild yeast) and saccharomyces (brewers yeast).

Most sour ales available today are known as “kettle sours” and use only lactobacillus to create tartness. While this is a fast and economical way to create sour beer, it generally results in a less complex flavor profile.

How should I store my beer?

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Barrel-aged sour beers should be kept upright and at cellar temperature (55ºF or cooler) and away from humidity.

Fresh beer (IPAs, lagers, stouts, etc.) should always be kept refrigerated (35-40ºF).

Bottled beer should always be stored away from light.

What is the shelf life of beer?

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Here are some freshness guidelines to keep in mind when thinking about beer storage:

IPAs - ideally consume within 90 days of packaging

Lagers - consume within 180 days of packaging

Canned Sours - consume within 365 days of packaging

Bottled Sours - consume within 3 years of packaging

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