Code Of Conduct


Almanac Beer Co is an environment that is welcoming to all.  We treat each other and everyone we interact with professionally and politely, with dignity and respect. 

We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying, or retaliation of any kind. Unacceptable behavior is generally defined as any unwelcome or unwanted conduct that does any of the following:


  • Violates one’s sense of safety/dignity
  • Causes a negative impact or disruption to the workplace or business
  • Negatively impacts employee morale
  • Creates or contributes to a hostile work environment


This Code of Conduct applies to employees, vendors and customers while on company property, on company time, and at company-sponsored events. Behavior that appears to meet these definitions of inappropriate workplace behavior must be reported, and will be promptly addressed.



Any violations of this Code will be addressed with immediate and appropriate action. If you are approached as having (consciously or otherwise) acted in a way that might make our teammates feel unwelcome, listen with an open mind and avoid becoming defensive. Remember that if someone offers us feedback, it likely took a great deal of courage for them to do so. The best way to respect that courage is to acknowledge our mistakes, apologize, and move on — with a renewed commitment to do better. 

That said, repeated or severe violations of this Code can and will be addressed by our leadership, and can lead to disciplinary actions, including termination or expulsion from the premises. Vendors and customers should also feel safe in our facilities.

If a customer is experiencing inappropriate behavior or behaving inappropriately we will do whatever we can in our power to rectify the situation. Any customer that does not adhere to our Code when on our premises will be asked to leave.


If you feel that you are being harassed by a customer, coworker, or vendor, or observe harassment in the workplace or while representing Almanac, please say something. We encourage you to promptly talk to your manager (or utilize an alternate method of communication outlined below) so we can be proactive in addressing inappropriate behavior head on. There are a variety of ways for staff to report incidents, and we encourage you to use whatever format you are most comfortable with. You can slack or email a manager, talk to a manager in person, or report incidents via Spot, our third party & anonymous reporting tool.



  • Notify your manager or one of the following persons verbally or in writing (ie, slack, email):
    • Your manager or senior leader
    • HR, Cindy Le
    • CEO, Damian Fagan
  • Use our reporting tool, Spot. Employees can submit an incident report via phone or computer.
    • All reports are received by a specific leader of your choosing.
    • All reports CAN be submitted anonymously
    • In Spot, you can:
      • Give quick feedback/flag an issue
      • Raise an issue/document inappropriate behavior or concerns
      • Report COVID-19 concerns
      • Whistleblow for ethical/illegal activities at Almanac


While incidents can be reported anonymously, it is always helpful if you can provide your name and contact information, so we may contact you directly about the incident reported and gather basic information from you around the incident(s) and identify potential witnesses. Please keep in mind that if you submit your incident anonymously, it may be difficult to thoroughly investigate or address the reported behavior. 


If a supervisor or manager becomes aware that harassment or discrimination is occurring—either from personal observation or as a result of an employee’s coming forward—the supervisor or manager MUST immediately report it to HR (Cindy Le) or the CEO (Damian Fagan).



Making a valid complaint will in no way be used against an employee or have an adverse impact on someone’s employment status. During the complaint process, the confidentiality of the information received, the privacy of the individuals involved, and the wishes of the complaining person will be protected to as great a degree as is possible.



Almanac is committed to providing a prompt, fair & confidential investigation of claims arising out of alleged violations of the Code of Conduct. HR will conduct a prompt and thorough investigation, or designate an impartial investigator to conduct the investigation to gather information, conduct due process, collect any documentation, and identify witnesses.



Almanac Beer Co, in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local anti-discrimination and harassment laws and regulations, enforces this policy in accordance with the following definitions and guidelines:



Everyone deserves to operate and co-exist in an environment where each individual is treated with dignity and respect. All team members must:

  1. Treat all individuals and groups respectfully, recognizing their human dignity, regardless of their diverse human characteristics: race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental disability, size or appearance, genetic pre-disposition, religion, ancestry, national origin, or veteran status.
  2. Contribute to a positive environment that is free of hostile and offensive behaviors; i.e., free from harassment. Harassment means any unwelcome and inappropriate verbal or physical conduct, or coercive behavior, where the behavior is known or reasonably ought to be recognized as unwanted or unwelcome.
  3. Speak out without fear of retaliation when the actions of others violate the rights of any individuals or groups.
  4. Respect the opinions of others and address conflicts in a positive and constructive manner.
  5. Respect others’ privacy in their personal lives.
  6. Treat all individuals and groups professionally and respect their personal property.



Discrimination is when a person is treated less favorably than another in a comparable situation on grounds that are not related to their capability to do their job. It is a violation of this Code to discriminate in the provision of employment opportunities, benefits or privileges, to create discriminatory work conditions, or to use discriminatory evaluative standards in employment if the basis of that discriminatory treatment is, in whole or in part, the person’s membership in a protected class. Protected classes include but are not limited to race, religion, color, sex, gender or gender identity, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, medical condition and veteran status.



Harassment is unwelcome conduct toward someone based on their protected class/characteristic(s). Any conduct—verbal, visual, or physical—that is uninvited and violates the sense of safety and/or dignity of targets or witnesses. It can include offensive jokes, comments, innuendos, insults, images, pranks, teasing, intimidation, threats, sexual advances, touching, and assault.



This is defined as any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as the basis for employment decisions or such conduct has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, chilling, or offensive working environment. This can take many forms, including:

  • “Quid pro quo” harassment (i.e. if you do this for me, I’ll do this for you), where submission to harassment is used as the basis for employment decisions or other considerations
  • Sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or unwelcome insistence of dates, sexually oriented jokes, pictures texts or email messages
  • Explicit or degrading comments about appearance
  • Display of sexually suggestive pictures or pornography



This is defined as repeated inappropriate behavior, either direct or indirect, whether verbal, physical, or otherwise, conducted by one or more persons against another or others, at the place of work and/or in the course and scope of employment, that is meant to intimidate or harm and that, in the complainant’s opinion, impairs their ability to perform their job.



Retaliation occurs when an employee is punished or treated badly for speaking up about harassment or discrimination, such as negative evaluations, increased surveillance, department or shift changes, social exclusion, termination or retraction of benefits, demotion, lowering compensation, victimization, exclusion from company events or meetings, or defamation of character. Retaliation or attempted retaliation in response to lodging a complaint or using our complaint procedure is a violation of this policy. 



Brewing and the sale of beer are heavily regulated. Team members must make reasonable efforts to understand and comply with all applicable legal requirements imposed on their operations by federal, state, and local authorities. Team members must not willfully violate or disregard the requirements of the law. A pattern of repeated violations may demonstrate willfulness.



With regard to consuming alcoholic beverages, team members must adhere to principles of responsible consumption. Team members must protect the reputation of Almanac Beer Co by taking steps to ensure that their consumption of alcoholic beverages will never result in the breaking of any laws whether it be in the process of purchasing, sharing or consuming alcoholic beverages while being associated in any manner with Almanac Beer Co. Over-intoxication / inebriation is considered a violation of our Code of Conduct and will be treated as offending behavior accordingly. Acts of impropriety as outlined in this Code Of Conduct while intoxicated / inebriated will be considered grounds for termination.



  • I will always behave in a professional manner and will respect the reputation of Almanac Beer Co and all other individuals and organizations with which I interact.
  • I will comply with federal, state and local laws and in all cases will not willfully violate any law.
  • I will respect the human dignity of all individuals and groups we interact with, regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental disability, size or appearance, genetic pre-disposition, religion, ancestry, national origin, or veteran status.
  • I will promote positive and constructive  interaction and cooperation within the craft brewing industry, and between team members, customers, and suppliers.
  • As a condition of employment at Almanac Beer Co, and at any time while representing Almanac Beer Co formally or informally, I agree to abide by and uphold the terms and values as stated in this Code of Conduct.

    I acknowledge I have read and understand this policy and I pledge to adhere to this Code of Conduct.

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