Tequila Barrel Noir

Tequila Barrel Noir

TEQUILA_BARREL_NOIR_MED10% ABV | 375ml bottles & limited draft

Available November 2014

This robust American Stout is aged in used Tequila barrels. As it matures, the toasted oak breathes in the beer, infusing the stout with hints of smoke and spice from its former life holding distilled agave. Pair with a San Francisco-style super burrito.

Farm to Barrel
Our Farm To Barrel beers build on the eons old tradition of aging beers in oak casks. This robust American stout was aged in used Tequila barrels for nine months. Inside the casks, this hearty black ale gradually matured, slowly pulling out hints of Tequila smoke and spice as well as oak and vanilla flavors.

Tequila Barrel Noir is the perfect pairing for equally rich and decadent meals like a San Francisco-style super burrito or a festive holiday feast. Best enjoyed in front of a crackling fire, serve in a small tulip or whiskey snifter to focus the intense aromas. Tequila Barrel Noir is alive in the bottle, and will continue to mature gracefully for years.