Spring 2012 Bière de Mars

Brewed with organic baby fennel from Heirloom Organic Gardens in Hollister, California.

7% ABV | 23 IBUs | 750ml bottles & draft

Traditionally brewed in March (Mars), this classic French-style farmhouse ale has a warm amber hue, light caramel aroma and toasty malt and dried fruit flavors. Ours is balanced with a touch of earthy anise spice from organic baby fennel grown by Grant Brians at his Heirloom Organic Gardens in Hollister, California.

Compliment the flavors of this food friendly brew with simply-cooked spring vegetables like grilled asparagus and artichokes or contrast with rich lamb dishes, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

Pairing Notes

Our Biere de Mars is a balanced, rustic beer with subtle anise character that pairs well with a wide range of spring fare. Try it with roasted spring lamb to contrast the brew’s malty earthiness with lamb’s rich fat. Spring also means its time to dust off the grill—the beer’s light caramel and dark candi sugar notes pair nicely with meats and vegetables marinated in herbs and given a nice char on the grill.

Of course, this beer is great with cheese, too. Try a pairing of true Parmesan-Reggiano—the earthy, salty depth of the cheese will bring out rich, savory notes in the beer. Round out the pairing with fresh English peas to introduce bright, springtime flavors.

Heirloom Organic Gardens

In a lush green valley flooded with cool coastal breezes, Grant Brians specializes in growing heirloom varietals. Harvested young, his tender baby greens offer tons of flavor and directly reflect the tasty benefits of organic agriculture. His farm was the second to be certified in California (1976) and the first to be certified in the Santa Clara Valley. Today he grows over 100 varieties of organic fruits and vegetables.

All of Grant’s plants are open pollinated, inter-cropped (planted together) and harvested by hand. His full time, year-round staff takes exceptional care of each varietal. The results are well appreciated—his harvest has long been sought after by California chefs and can be found on plates in many of the best restaurants in the Bay Area.

For more on our visit to Grant’s farm, check out our photo-tour on the blog.








Beer Sausage

To celebrate the launch of our Spring seasonal, we teamed up with Taylor at Fatted Calf to make a beer infused cooked salami.  He layered fennel pollen, beer and pork together to make a beer-y salami that captures the bright spring flavors of our beer. Available this spring at Fatted Calf in SF & Napa.  See how he made it here.


Pouring Beer

Filling the Casing