ICHIBIER_GLASSSushi Rice Beer brewed with Yuzu and Shiso
5.5% ABV | Limited Draft

We love sushi, and we think ICHI Sushi in San Francisco makes some of the very best. So when Chef Tim Archuleta asked us to collaborate on a beer to celebrate the opening of their new ICHI Ni Bar, we jumped at the opportunity.

Inspired by classic Japanese rice beers, we mashed together a light base of pilsner malt, flaked rice and sushi rice from the ICHI kitchen. As long as we were in Chef Tim’s larder, we decided to integrate two of his favorite culinary ingredients:  floral shiso leaf and Japanese Yuzu juice. We then layered on a delicate Citra dry-hop for a lemon/lime aroma. The result is a refreshing and light-bodied blonde ale with a delicate and uniquely Japanese-inspired aroma of yuzu and shiso.

Pair with the Omakase menu at ICHI or look for it available on draft in limited distribution around California.