Hoppy Sour: Azacca

Hoppy Sour: Azacca

7% ABV | 375ml bottles & limited draft


US-bred Azacca is one of our favorite new hops!  Grown in Washington, this new hop varietal offers a tropical aroma of kiwi and papaya, with a hint of mango and pine needles.  Layered on our sour blonde, these alluring new hops create complex and tropical aromas unlike anything else.

We blended our wine barrel-aged sour blonde ale with foeder-fermented brettanomyces farmhouse ale to craft a complex base of stone fruit, oak, and earthy funk to compliment the fruity punch of Azacca.

Hoppy Sour Series

Our Farm to Barrel beers follow the age-old tradition of maturing beer in oak casks. Each Hoppy Sour release begins with a blend of barrel-aged sour blonde ale and brettanomyces-fermented farmhouse ale. Right before bottling this tart and funky brew is generously dry-hopped with a single variety of hop to create a delicious contradiction of flavor and style.