Fairmont Hotel Honey Saison

Fairmont Hotel Honey Saison

Brewed with Rooftop Honey from the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, available exclusively at the Fairmont Hotel.

7% ABV | 12oz Bottles and Draft

We’re proud to partner with the Fairmont Hotel of San Francisco to create an exclusive offering available only onsite at the historic Fairmont of San Francisco. This Belgian-inspired ale is designed to highlight the rooftop honey from the Fairmont, and pair with the seasonal food of their Laurel Court Restaurant.  We start with a classic blend of two-row barley and wheat providing sweetness, body and light toast flavors.  Then we balance the beer with classic noble hops for a balanced bitterness and spicy aroma.  Finally the honey is added at the very end of the brewing process, infusing all of its delicate aromas and flavors into the beer.  The beer is then fermented with our house Saison yeast strain, lending it an earthy flavor and dry finish.

About the Honey:

This special ale is brewed with honey from the  rooftop gardens on top of the hotel. These small hives are maintained by Marshall’s Farm.  Helene and Spencer Marshall check on the bees, harvest honey when it’s ready, and make sure that they are being well cared for.  The result is a rich honey with the flavors of the herbs and flowers in the garden, which create subtle flavor notes in the beer.


This honey-scented golden ale is brewed to be very food friendly.  With a touch of acidity and a clean dry finish, it lends it’s self a huge range of food.  Try it with the traditional Belgian pairing of beer-steamed mussels with crisp fries (it’s a classic for a reason.) The bright ale pairs perfectly with the briny mussels and rich fries.  Its also excellent with cheeses – pair with a soft and rich triple cream or funky Italian Taleggio accented with some of the Fairmont’s rooftop honey and toasted nuts for a rich cheese dessert course.