Re-introducing Barrel Noir!

Barrel Noir is Back!  Reintroducing one of our favorite beers from the past, a special blend of dark malts, complex aromas and oaky deliciousness. Barrel Noir centers around a base imperial stout that is chock full of roast, chocolate and coffee flavors. This beer is aged in our Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels for nearly a year and a half.

DSC_0404-bwThe result has picked up intoxicating oak, vanilla and bourbon flavors. The final brew is amazingly complex and tasty, but it’s not our style to sit back and relax so we’re taking Barrel Noir and blending it into some fun variants:

Cold Brew Coffee Barrel Noir
The first in Barrel Noir Series drew inspiration from one of our favorite treats from San Francisco: Sightglass Cold Brew Coffee. Sightglass Coffee is an independent coffee roaster with a focus on single origin beans, lightly roasted for fruity aromas and flavors.  Their Vanilla Bean infused Cold Brew Coffee has powered the brewery on more than one hot day.

Sightglass makes its Cold Brew Coffee is made by steeping coffee and vanilla beans in cold water, creating a rich, smooth treat. Cold Brew Coffee Barrel Noir is made similarly. In collaboration with Sightglass,we selected a combination of Finca Las Florestales beans, from Colombia, and Banner, a blend of beans were chosen to be added to the stout base.

12932852_986114728103641_4616143368002094193_nCoffee beans and Tahitian vanilla beans weren’t just thrown into our bourbon aged stout. We thought the flavors would compete and muddle, resulting in something unimpressive. The beer was chilled and added to a tank containing vanilla beans and over one hundred pounds of ground coffee. The beer was then allowed to steep and “cold-brew” until the coffee, bourbon, and vanilla shined.

The resulting beer is velvety, rich deliciousness. It is the perfect beer to start your weekend morning (or weekday morning, we don’t judge) with next to a plate of French toast creating a complete breakfast. Drink it next to your smoked brisket at dinner and then finish your day off with a bowl of vanilla ice cream and one more glass. The perfect nightcap!

What’s next?
One variant? Why stop there! We have ideas for some extra tasty barrel-aged beers that we aren’t quite ready to announce yet. If you want to stay up-to date on our latest releases check back on our blog or sign up to receive our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

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