Beer Talks 2014


Beer Talks celebrates the thinking, design, process and community behind the world’s greatest beverage: Beer. Inspired by TED talks, Almanac invited some of our favorite brewers and friends to give a series of short presentations on beery topics. Below is the full audio from Beer Talks 2014.  Enjoy at home paired with a great local beer.

      Introduction to Beer Talks
Jesse Friedman of Almanac Beer introduces Beer Talks 2014. 

      Brewing with Brett
An introduction to brewing with brettanomyces from Crooked Stave and Anchorage Brewing

      Art of Bourbon Barrel Aging
Brewmaster Todd Ashman of FiftyFifty Brewing reveals his Bourbon barrel aging process.

      The Intersection of Beer and Music
Roem Baur explores music and beer, and how both have affected his life.

      Beer and Community
Collin McDonnell of Henhouse Brewing Co looks at the beer community, and the changes that have to be tackled next.

      Beyond Bitterness - IPA Food Pairings
Master Cicerone Rich Higgins explains the flavor components of IPAs, and pairs Almanac IPA with a tropical mango salad.

      Liberty Ale: The Beer That Changed The World
Brewmaster Mark Carpenter of Anchor Brewing give the oral history of Liberty Ale and Anchor’s earliest days.

Want to download to your computer or phone? Direct download links for the Beer Talks audio can be found here.

A huge thanks to the Fairmont San Francisco for sponsoring Beer Talks 2014!