Local: Mission Eatery

Local: Mission Eatery is a great new restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission District. They’re a casual eatery by day and modern American bistro, bakery, food lab and cookbook library by night. Aiming to be more than just a restaurant—they want to be a space for the community to gather and get involved in a truly local culinary experience. The space is beautifully designed—an exposed kitchen looks out onto a dining room replete with reclaimed wood surfaces and local handmade tiles. Sharing a common ethos, we knew Almanac and Local would make a great match. We asked the very talented Jake Des Voignes to create a special pairing for our Summer 2010 release — he did not disappoint. When we showed up for a tasting and to take some photos, Jake had conjured up a Sonoma Valley duck breast with spelt, raspberries, and beets pureed with whey. Below you can enjoy some of the many outtakes—we ended up with more pictures than we’d ever need, and couldn’t help but share them. Enjoy!

Local Mission Eatery Pairing



Local Mission Eatery Duck Pairing